Who wears our socks?

It was not a coincidence that we chose the First Republic, Modernist Vila Müller for the photo shoot. Katka was playing the role of Adina Mandlová in a film about Lida Baarová. She doesn’t only act in films, but you’ll see her also in the musical Mamma Mia, she has her on online show on playtvak.cz, she’s the moderator of Czech Television’s golf show, she has won the Miss Golf beauty competition and she’s of course also an excellent golfer in her own right. She’s also a successful model.

Kateřina Klausová

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We visited Filip in his office, where he works as a consultant for Socialbakers, one of the most interesting companies in the Czech Republic right now. His life is not all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He likes a good brunch, he can deadlift 180kg and he wears colourful socks.

Filip Gregor


“I have to apologise – you’re not going to see too much here, I have a lot of my pictures out at exhibitions just now”, was the first thing Tadeáš mentioned. His atelier is in a set of studios in Karlin, in an industrial space in the former ČKD factory. Since 2005 the space has had mixed use for both exhibitions and artists ateliers, becoming known as “Karlin Studios”.

Tadeáš Kotrba