Nerudný fest

They love jazz and also artists who don't hesitate to go beyond genres. They keep their ears open and whenever they hear something fresh, bold and innovative, something your jazz-loving ears haven't heard before, they try to bring it immediately.
They have been happily enriching the culture in the Czech Republic since 2009.

Mladí ladí fest

There are plenty of summer festivals and even more mainstream music. That's why they decided to celebrate their 15th birthday in style and take fans to one big indoor festival instead of a few bigger gigs. Fresh performers from all over the world, the cool industrial space of Holešovice Market Hall, original stage design, lots of drinks and an autumn date, all mixed into one great festival. Why? Because it's going to be great!


1 day, 2 stages, 9 shows, over 12 hours of programming.
Fresh performers from all over the world, great industrial spaces of Holešovice market, original stage design, lots of drinks and autumn date, all mixed into one great festival.


Mladí ladí jazz

The spectacular celebration of International Jazz Day returned to Prague's Charles Square. The organisers of the Young in Tune Jazz Festival have prepared a musical feast in which jazz will be spiced up with many styles and genres, from centuries-old elegant salon evergreens to hot hip-hop contemporary and electronica.


From the United Kingdom came international guests, Afro jazz stars Nubiyan Twist, led by multi-instrumentalist Tom Excello. Lenka Dusilová also presented her BAND for the first time at Charles Square, an elite line-up of young musicians led by Igor Ochepovsky. The home scene was also represented by the rejuvenated Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, humbly and enthusiastically continuing the tradition of authentic and stylistically refined conception of jazz and dance music of the 1920s, or the Martin Brunner Band – a foursome of musicians who entice you to a supercharged fusion of jazz and rock.


The Jazzfruit competition presents young Czech and international talents playing the best traditional jazz or, on the contrary, musical projects pushing the boundaries of this genre to an international audience. Jazzfruit gives bands the opportunity to make their musical endeavours bear fruit.


"Compared to other competitions, Jazzfruit is unique primarily in the freedom we give to bands and projects – it is not necessary to come to the competition with an interpretation of a specific song or specific styles, nor do we set requirements for instrumentation or the need to present exclusively their own work, even though it is an asset. We do not set boundaries, on the contrary, we want to break them down in the perception of jazz,"
says Jan Gregar on behalf of the festival organisers.


Client – Nerudný fest
Creative concept –⁠ Markéta Steinert
Visual Identity –⁠ Markéta Steinert
3D – Martin Egrt
Photo – Archiv Nerudný fest (Jan Kuča, Jakub Červenka, Petr Klapper)


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