New direction for
Czech Ski & Snowboard

The oldest national ski association in the world, with a rich history of world championship titles and Olympic medals in all different ski and snowboard disciplines. The famous tradition is now getting a modern face – Svaz lyžařů České republiky will now appear under the unified brand Czech Ski and Snowboard.

The main motif of the new visual identity is the symbol common to skiing and snowboarding – i.e. the tracks that both sports draw in the snow with their natural trajectory. Two narrower ski tracks and one wider snowboard track are implemented in the Czech flag, which has been part of the emblem since time immemorial. The flag is also the basis for the new identity's colour scheme, which highlights the role of the Czech Ski Association as the umbrella national organisation for skiing and snowboarding.


"It's cool! I like it when things are thought out in detail – from the logo to the digital communication to the merch.
I think it might appeal to fans."

Eva Samková

Representatives from various ski and snowboard disciplines were among the first to see the new visual identity before it was finalized, and they were also involved in the variations of the new brand application, for example in the new fan shop collection. "There's some history in the old logo, our association is the oldest in the world, but nowadays there was no way to work with it in a more interactive way. I think a rejuvenation of the identity was needed and it's good that the union has committed to it." adds Eva Samková.



Client – Svaz lyžařů České republiky
Creative Concept –⁠ Markéta Steinert

Art Direction –⁠ Markéta Steinert
Branding – Markéta Steinert
Graphic Design –⁠ Jan Slabihoudek
Motion Design –⁠ Martin Egrt
Camera –⁠ Matěj Ligač
Editor –⁠ Matej Ligač
Script –⁠ Matúš Kmec
Creative concept –⁠ Martin Kermes
Project leader –⁠ Kateřina Černá


Markéta Steinert Studio
Kamenická 5
Letná, Praha 7


Mr. Steinert s.r.o.
Pražského 636/34, Praha
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