We will increase the number of healthy years lived in the Czech Republic by 5 years by 2030.

At this moment, the Minister of Health is an ideological and expert interdisciplinary platform connecting professionals from various fields who want to achieve the necessary changes in the Czech health care system.

We do not create an alternative to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. We remind that the patient is at the centre of health care, that health is capital and its care is in everyone's hands.

Active prevention as a goal, digitalisation as a path to it, rationality of funding as a driving force for this option.



Client – Ministr zdraví
Creative Concept – Markéta Steinert

Visual identity – Markéta Steinert
Motion Design – Martin Egrt
Illustrations – Storyset


Markéta Steinert Studio
Kamenická 5
Letná, Praha 7


Mr. Steinert s.r.o.
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