Rock Empire

You're an anti-hero. You don't climb for the spotlight, you climb for your own sense of self-transcendence. You're going against the tide because climbing that high doesn't make sense to most people.

You break the rules of conventional thinking and when someone says "I can't do it" you say "I can". You don't care what other people think of you when you're walking across town with a backpack full of ropes. Because you have the greatest treasure in experiences that come back to you in memories and every scraped knuckle.


You climb rocks and do something impossible for most people. They don't understand how you dare to climb so high. It's a miracle to them, and you're a magician. How does it all work, how does the rope never break? It's not really magic. It's a lot of responsible preparation, years of training and product testing. But only you know that, so you let them think you're a real magician.

We grew up on the rocks


Like you, we love to explore and have wanted to push the boundaries since we were little. Just climb a little higher and you can see beyond the horizon. Climbing is very much about balancing on the edge. We know that about you.

You look for your own limits and rules. You have an unquenchable faith. In one of the gods, in fate or your own abilities. We used to ride in cars without seatbelts when we were young because we believed that if we were going to die, it would be on a rock.

But you also have a responsibility. Because climbing is never about you alone, it always takes two.

When you're standing under a wall, it's an open-ended story. That's what you like. You never know how it's gonna turn out, do you? It's only those who believe in themselves who dare. Rock Empire is just the beginning.



Client – Rock Empire
Creative Direction – Markéta Steinert
Visual Identity – Markéta Steinert
Brand Strategy, Copy – Adam Ondráček
Illustrations – Jan Petrmichl
Logo – Michal Rydval


Markéta Steinert Studio
Kamenická 5
Letná, Praha 7


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