The town of Přerov lies on the Bečva River at 49º north latitude and 17º east longitude and is an important road junction and the very heart of Moravia.

This locality was already settled in the prehistoric age which is witnessed by the world-known archaeological site at Přerov-Předmostí. The oldest written mention of Přerov dates back to 1141 ; in 1256 it was raised to the status of a royal town under Přemysl Otakar II. Later, Přerov became a residence of nobility for a long time, namely of the Houses of Pernstein and Žerotín. Přerov is deservedly called a town of Blahoslav and Comenius, the two greatest personalities of the Unity of Brethren. The contemporary Přerov attracts visitors by its preserved urban conservation zone with burgher houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, rest of medieval town walls with portcullis and a mansion house adapted in Renaissance style where Comenius Museum is located at present with its precious exhibits comprising both archaeological findings, minerals and an entomological collection as well as an exhibited classroom from the Comenius´s time.

In cooperation with Kristýna Greplová
Illustration by Matěj Moravec